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My complete diet plan


The ultimate Male Body Transformation 

This is the exact philosophy of eating and training I have followed personally for the past 10 years and I am delivering it to you in a way you can successful build and maintain your ideal body for the rest of your life.

Clearly I have peaked your interest if you are still reading this...


  • Carrying around that 10 extra kg for years 

  • Having extra belly fat 

  • Struggling to eat healthy on the weekend 

  • Following into a pattern of eating and drinking crap after work 

  • Not seeing results from the training sessions you are doing?

Me Bicep png high def.png

Week o = 86kg

  • Stressed & frustrated ​​

  • Overweight 

  • Unfit 

  • Body Conscious 


week 4 = 81kg 

  • Lower Body fat ​​

  • Low stress level  

  • Sleep & Move better 

  • Balanced nutrition & life style 


Week 12 = 76kg 

  • Visible Muscular structure 

  • Athletic body shape 

  • High Strength & Stamina level 

  • Body confident  

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