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My FBF project is 12 Week specific Mind and Body Transformation

You’ll not only transform the way you look and feel… by the end of the project you’ll have the life long-lasting foundation to maintain, and improve your physique.

You’ll clearly learn your body adaptations, to cutting and clean bulking phases.

All you need to never need a coach again and keep working on what you are most interested in.

The project won’t be always easy, you'll be challenged to overcome your limits and double your current capacities…

Body transformation

Do you want to...

  •  DRASTICALLY improve your physique

  • Lose body fat and look great at the beach

  • Look and feel strong

  • Improve confidence and self esteem

  • Boost energy level and mood  


  • Are motivated but you don’t know where to start

  • You have tried generic programs before with little or no success

  • You want to learn and apply training and coached methods

  • You have full equipment access

  • You  are 100%  committed to succeed

…it guarantees 100% success!



For the last 15 years, I have shared and coached my methods helping hundreds of people achieve their best physique and peak strength performance with 100% success… Don’t hesitate you‘ll Just regret not having started before!








This is not just another generic challenge! Everything from day 1 will be exclusively personalized and built around you and your goal! Join today & Transform tomorrow!

          What's included 

  •        30 min  Start up Video/Phone Call 

  • Easy to use Training App (free)

  • Online Profile on a our App to record your workouts, nutrition, photos, max reps, video correction and more.

  • Startup guide with video instructions

  • Nutrition guidance & tools to help keep you on track

  • Performance test & strength benchmarks

  • 3+1 workout per week (personalised & goal specific)

  • Training Weekly Check-in, video correction, program improvement 

  • Personal guidance to help learn the foundation of muscle building, Weight loss, and creating a balanced lifestyle 

  • Macro-nutrient, calories, supplement advice throughout the project 

  • Facebook private group for extra tips and support 

  • 24 hr email support

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