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Cameron Cooke 

- I wanted to tell you about my story with Fit by Frank. Probably about four or five months ago now, I was talking to one of my colleagues at work at lunch and I noticed that she looked really healthy and fit So I was asking her what she's up to and she said that she was doing personal training with Fit by Frank and she strongly suggested that in the nicest way possible that perhaps I could come along too. Now I work in IT for a large airline so it's probably not the best baseline. I kind of fit in there and I wouldn't describe myself as being at the time particularly healthy or particularly fit. So I thought okay, I'll give this shot. I'm a fairly cynical person. I thought okay, well what's the worst that can happen? So I started going along and it's fairly intense training and I'll say this much... but I couldn't have been happier with the results. In the four or five months I've been going, I  lost nine kilos and put on muscle too.

That's not really important to me though, what's important is that I've got more confidence. I'm sleeping a lot better. I'm a lot more focused and I've got a lot more energy especially when I wake up in the morning and that's really shown through at work. So, I couldn't have been happier with that and now people at work are noticing that I've lost weight and fitter than I ver been! I never thought I was  fat before, it was what I looked for all my life, now though that I can show off my abs  I'm definitely feeling great and very confident! 

So thanks Frank.


Lawrence  Follow me on instagram @liwang989

I still remember exactly the day 26 October 2018,

I was travelling in us the most amazing holiday of my life...

in Sedona, my heaviest 96Kg i had to give up on my dream, i couldn't hike to the top... and i missed a life opportunity.

That woke me up though, pushed me to look for help where i ran into Frank!

He introduced me to the Fit by Frank System, FBF project 90 transformation and i made the best decision of my life!

We started training, the session were tough at the start, frank taught me how to rebalance my nutrition, improve confidence and the foundation of a healthy life style.

In the first 30 days i lost 2 sizes and i had to buy all new trousers 😅.

to cut the long story short at the end of my training program my weight is the lowest  ever been 79Kg... and i also packed some kg of muscle !

 More importantly though i am a different persona, i will never let my self go again , now i have the foundation to train on my own, to stay fit and keep improving, i can run 5 kms comfortably, i deadlift 113kg and nothing scares me anymore...

i won't miss an opportunity ever agin


Steve zorbas 

I have got referred to Frank by My Doctor GP, at that time I was very overweight and 

my blood pressure was so high that I was able to controlled only with consistent medication

and I was told I was to edge of diabetes.

Well luckily I decide to thrust frank and is Project, I am 8 kgs lighter, I am strong, I don't have problems walking or standing anymore, but more importantly I am not taking medications for high blood pressure, and my diabetes risks as dropped greatly.



- Fit by Frank, where to start? Let's see, field hockey had finished for the season in early September last year, and great season for us. We jump forward two months to mid-November, late November you might as well say, no exercise, no motivation, and 10 kilos gained in weight. So I decided to get online looking for a trainer in my local area around, and Fit by Frank had popped up. So I initially contacted Frank and explained that I had lost all motivation since hockey season had finished and Frank invited me down for a meet and greet and to focus on my mobility. Now, let's jump forward 11 weeks, the 12-week program's almost finished for me. Now, let's see, full motivation back and fitness is up by 100%. Now, Frank will focus on your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths, which he has done to me. Thank you for that, Frank. The 10 kilos I have lost, and in that time period as well, I have dropped two sizes in pants. Thank you again for that, Frank. Now, I would highly recommend Frank to anyone, just based on my experience. On some days you will walk away feeling so sore. On some days you walk away with a lot of energy. But overall, the training sessions with Frank are not an easy one. There are days where he'll push you to the point of collapse and he thoroughly enjoys that. So for me, I would highly recommend Frank to anyone out there who's looking for a personal trainer/trainer, and he will focus on what you require and he will get you to that point in his 12-week program. So once again, Frank, thank you very much.

chachi before.jpg


I will never stop thanking the day I met Frank, I was very unhealthy and overweight boy and I was going to a point I was really scared I couldn't change my life anymore.

I was working a lot and I was always blaming  the fact that  I didn't have time to train...

 Only excuses.

 When I met frank, I met a friend for life, he changed they way I looked and I moved and started feeling more relaxed since the first sessions, sleeping better and more confident.

 I have lost nearly 20 kgs, I have put on muscles too and my body is toned and shaped now.

The project is great takes you through different stage, and you constantly improve!

frank is great and is very focused on teaching you r proper form and technique.

I never been a confident boy never confident enough to go to the beach during peak time I felt ashamed and observed.

Well, now isn't that case anymore, half way through the project I started going out more often, beach and pool weren't scaring anymore, I felt like never before. I also decide to finally get my first tattoo on my belly and never waste any occasion to show my it off!



I started with fit by frank project 3 months ago i  have lost the  6 kg I the first 8 weeks,  I slimmed down waist, my under arms and my thighs.

I love training with frank because it always make people feel comfortable with anything we do and he always keeps attention to details and adapt every session exclusively on you to achieve the best results.

Dallas & Georgia

I joined fit by frank project thank to my dad ( Dallas) was trining with frank for about 4 weeks and he was getting fitter and loosing way, he’s mood has changed and he’s energy level as well. 

I decide then to join him and know I workout early morning g with my dad, frank adapt our training considering our differences and is always a great workout, i have been training for a few weeks only but I can see already body changing, my tummy and thighs are getting toned and I am much stronger.



When I went to see Frank I was very demotivated, I had been training to lose weight, for months and nothing was working.

I tried gym classes and functional classes but I always felt left out and I didn't know what  I was doing, I also injured my self and that pushed me way far back than I was.

when I started training with frank we modified exercises and workout to suit my knee recovery, in the first 4 weeks I started losing weight and pain was slowly going as well.

I complete the project and I felt great, another person, I have lost 5kg and put on muscles too.

During the project, I learn the way to exercise safely and with consistent improvement, I decided to follow up the online training project…

Well, today after a few years, I am a Crossfit athlete, I classified 30st on 15000 people, at the Asia Crossfit championship, 

Sometimes I rethink to that day when I finally decide to join the project and cannot stop asking myself why I didn’t take action earlier.


Oreste Lentidoro 

I went to see Frank just after the Christmas holidays, I was unfit and overweight for year, every January I would unsuccessfully try to get  fit and loose weight but I always ended up getting frustrated, not achieving any results and getting back to even worse situation.


This year I decided to invest on myself and finally change the course of my life, I started looking for a professional help.  Looking for best personal trainer in Sydney FitBy Frank Strength & Performance popped up, His google rating was great, 5 stars review, all real people just like me.


I looked so through web site and his clients testimonial page got rid of all my doubts.

I decided that I wanted to be the next success story.

After the first 3-4 weeks of the Fitbyfrank Project i had to buy new pants and

t-shirts i had dropped nearly 2 full sizes, was great i could start seeing the first sign of the abs i thought i never had.

The sessions were tough at times but i always felt great during and after, Franks constant support kept me focused and helped me overcome the difficulties that in the past pushed me to fail...

Well i have now completed the 12 week project, i have lost 14 kg can you believe???

i have carried those kgs for almost all my life and moreover the result got way past my expectation, i am athletic, fit and confident!


Frank has been looking after me everyday always ready to support and give me advice. i have learnt how to eat properly, how to stay fit and enjoy my life in the same time.

Since i have finished the 12 week project i of course decided to follow Frank online program, it's easy to follow, very clear and with videos and tips i never miss a great workout and results keep coming!

This is my Story...take action you will never thank Frank enough!



Alessandro Collodi 

You may have noticed, that my surname looks exactly like Frank's. Yes, i am the older more handsome brother 😜

This year I turned 40, and I achieved my lifelong goal to run a half marathon. I would never say it to is face but i have to thank Frank and all the work we have done together to get me prepped. 

We worked for 12m weeks following my running progress, through gps and his online platform. each workout had a specific goal, the first 4 weeks we worked to build my running mechanics and ground impact tolerance. Then we focused on building endurance capacity gradually increasing weekly kms. To finish  we started working on my time goals to finish the half marathon in 1:45. During the last 3 weeks we addressed mostly speed endurance with shorter run blocks at higher speed and periodical long distances. 

When I competed i finished the race on 1:41:44 and i was

extremely  happy with that, i placed 154 on 446 athlete,

that is great considering i wanted just be able to run it

and not die dong so 🤣.

Since the race Frank started putting in my ear, that idea

of a full marathon coming up in 4 months, and more

he was talking and motivating more i started feeling like

i could do it! 

Well, guess what, i ma now in week 3 of my half to full

marathon training block, i already ran more than 26 km

and feel even more confident i can actually do this💪

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