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  6-week  RESET CHALLENGE    


Here's how my 6 Week Challenge works


Choose Your Challenge 

Whether you train on your own or face to face, Choose the program best suited for you:

 Gym:Reset Lower body 🍑
Gym: Reset Upper body 💪🏼 
Home:Reset  Beginner workout 🏡

I'll coach you through it week by week!



Upload Measurements

Once the challenge begins, I ask that you submit images and measurements every Saturday every 3 weeks!

These and body weight check ins helps me judge your progress as you go along, and make instant adjustments!

image_6487327 (4).JPG


Nutrition Tracking 

During the challenge you'll learn how to track your calories and macronutrients, to build your most effective but delicious  meal plan. 

Don't just follow, understand how your body drops body fat effectively and re-use the same method for life!

Copy of Copy of Copy of RESET.png


Challenge is For Everyone 

Everyone who takes part in this challenge, will benefit working toward to their goals, weather you are just starting or have good experience in the gym!

Join the challenge and intensify your progress! 

Exciting results from our awesome members

sheere Brittain photo
I lost 7 kgs, I am now a athlete!
I  have lost 6 kg!
I have lost 9 kg!

Timeframe and important Challenge dates

1. Enrolment 

Enrolment for the upcoming week must be done by Friday night to allow us to build your challenge for the upcoming Monday  Enrol into the challenge, by clicking the challenge below. Once you have signed up you'll be able to download your starter guide!

2. Challenge period

The challenge period last 6 weeks. During this period, you will upload your weekly images and measurements to your challenge tab.

3. Win your Price!

Everyone receives a FitbyFrank gift Bag worth over $100

"All the tasks of the challenge must be completed and uploaded each week". 

4. Important dates 

Fridays : last day of to sign up to start the up coming Monday 

Sunday  : Starter tusks must be completed to receive the training program  

Monday : Challenge Begins!

Next Challenge Starts on Monday




What's included in the challenge 

  • 6 Week online coaching 

  • 6 Week nutrition Guide

  • Chose your gym training program 

  • 48 hours support 

  • Learning video library

  • Weekly Check ins 

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