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Burpees - How To Do Burpees, Improve Performance and Avoid Common Injuries

Burpee is one of the best functional movement to increase intensity and cardio capacity, great for weight loss and strength and conditioning. However performing a poor form movement can lead quickly to injuries. Watch the full video and practise all the adaptation exercises, you will be benefit instantly, improving your movement efficiency, burning more calories and keeping yourself out injuries.

Here you have the full video caption!

- Hey guys, Fit By Frank. This week we're gonna talk about burpees. How to perform the best burpees, how to have the best performance throughout the workout, and how to make sure you're not gonna get injured through the exhaustion of the exercise. So, the first step is to understand exactly how it is composed to. So the burpee is composed by a press-up, the classic push up. From there we're gonna jump on the squat position, and from the squat position, we're gonna jump high as we can, clapping our hands above our heads. I'm gonna show you exactly how it is. So, the full burpee is exactly with the chest on the ground. If you don't have your push-up exactly as it should be, we can cheat a little bit to create a little bit more power output. I'm gonna go down, gonna extend the back, and then jump feet. So it's gonna create a bit more momentum. Gonna get a little bit more of your hip flexors, and you'll be able to jump on a squat position and it'll be easier. So the first step you should do to increase your flexibility and hip flexor activation is to literally understand what you have to do on the plank. So in the plank position, you need to engage your glutes. Press up and jump back. So make sure when you jump with your feet very close to your hands, you release your hands from the ground. Otherwise, you'll be jumping towards your knees. You'll being end up in a position where you're not able to maintain your spine and your knees in the right position. So, first point you gotta learn is exactly, your plank stand ups, from here you're gonna go, on the side, on the side, and stand up. So we're gonna learn exactly how to step, side to side. Plank space, tight, tight, stand. Stand. That's the first step you can do and practice to activate your hip flexors, your core and to get a little bit better mobility on your squat. If you end up jumping in a single action, with your knees caving in and jumping through your toes, you probably have a little bit of a lack of mobility on your hamstrings and on your hip flexors. So what I want you to just create a bit of a power S form through your hips. We're gonna go down, back straight, activate our hamstrings. And I'm gonna go a bit of a 90 stretch. So we're gonna go down, take the line, feet forward, extend your back, squeeze you glutes, back up. Same thing, go down, full stretch, and back up. Next one, I'm gonna go down, but I want you to be able to go down with your hands, full rotation, and back up. Other side. Same thing. Full rotation. If you practice a little bit of your mobility before your burpees exercise it will be easier to jump in the right position. Now you're just gonna practice it here. From the plank, you'll jump in steps. So what I want you to do is to do jumping combos. So I want you to do, jump, jumps, and activate your core, your landing position. Next step is to get your hip flexors as your pike press a little bit stronger. So we're gonna work on the plank position again. And this time we're gonna go feet down, lean forward, and press up. Walk out. And again. You're gonna activate your core and get a little bit more power through the jump. Following step is to return. So from the jumping squat, we're gonna make sure we push our hips back, and we go down as fast as we can, touching the ground, and I'm gonna bring my legs far back and squeeze them tight. From there, down, press back, jump in, jump. Try it again. Back, back where you start, touch the ground, feet back, jump in, and back. Have a try and let me know what you think.

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